Veteran Kansas City Comedian Calvin Coolidge will be inducted into the Kansas City Comedy Hall of Fame on Wednesday May 29 th at 7:30 pm. The induction ceremony will be held at Clint’s Comedy Stop; tickets are $20.

Calvin was a pioneer in the comedy business. Before any comedy club existed in Kansas City, Calvin was booking his own venues, making a name for himself, at that time he was the only name in the comedy business in Kansas City. Soon the comedy business caught up with Calvin and he became a popular performer at the new comedy clubs popping up around the country, including Stanford’s Comedy Club here in his hometown.

Get tickets and join us for a night of fun, memories, laughs and a little roasting, as comics and friends honor Calvin on this special night. And — May 29 th is not only the night of his Hall of Fame induction, it is also his 75 th birthday!